schlumf drive-mountain drive silver





With the schlumpf mountain drive you gain additional very low gears which enable you go climb the most extreme inclines easily. The extremely flat planetary gearbox shrinks every gear by factor 2.5, that way doubling the expansion extent of your bike. Shifting while standing still or under heavy load at the mountain road is no problem here (as with all other Schlumpf gears as well); a simple kick on the shifting button with your heel and the fun can start. Mountain drive is also available as a Brompton version.


Gears: 1:1 and 2.5:1 reduction gear ratio

Bottom bracket:

BSA: 68-72mm width (broader axes on premise)

Chain wheel acceptance:

– Chain wheel star with BCD 110mm

– Chain wheel star with BCD 130mm

Crank acceptance: square JIS (Japanese Industry Standard)

Colour: SILVER

Torsional acceptance

cone rings with 45 degree angle and equivalent slotted nuts

– Aluminium rings (for steel framework)

– Steel rings (for aluminium framework)

Torsional support:

Option instead of the cone rings (no bottom bracket milling; will be fixed at the chain stay)


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