Abus Urban Helmet

Innovative security solutions from ABUS. Since 1924.

Our Urban series bike helmets will appeal to people who use their bike every day, see their bike helmet as an accessory or prefer simple elegance to go with their business suit – if you want to get around town by bike, your requirements are different from those who take cycling seriously as a sport or who travel the world on their bikes.

With the Urbanaut bike helmet, we provide the growing number of pedelec riders with an optimal safety solution that meets the specific requirements of this new trend.




For more than 85 years, ABUS security solutions have been produced at three different locations in Germany in line with the motto ‘Security built on quality’, and have proven their worth throughout the globe a million times over.

When August Bremicker and his sons first started up their own business producing padlocks in the small village of Volmarstein, Germany back in 1924, they would have found it difficult to believe that one day their slogan would work its way around the world.


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