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Phibra Two

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Carrera PHIBRA TWO R142 optIn the Phibra it is the shape that follows the function. All the geometry, every arc, and every minimal part of this frame has been chosen and assembled in Podium’s R&D department for a specific reason: to obtain perfection. In the Phibra range the synthesis between Carrera’s winning history, and the innovation suggested by contemporary technology both find their own inedited, defined finish. The Carbon fibre material is transformed into a soul, conforming to the bio-mechanical characteristics of each athlete. The Double-Arc block system allows for the assembly of two carbon monocoque arcs with the vertical seat post and head-tube. In this way a unique, and original, shape is born from the researched meeting point between aesthetic clarity and top level performances. Phibra is the shape of the future as it should be: simply perfect.

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